Assist Life Stages and Transitions

We at More Opportunities know that transitioning to a new stage of life is a challenging time for anyone. There are many transition points throughout a lifetime: starting school, leaving home, getting your first job or retiring from work.

That’s why we excel at helping participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) through life-stage transitions. You can benefit at any stage of life with a planned approach that examines individual abilities, needs and goals. With proper planning and networking, we can support you through your own life’s transitions and on to achieving your goals.

Our Life Stage Transition Program includes short- and long-term support that focuses on assistance to live at home, community participation and coordinating your own support. Part of our program includes:

  • Support connection and coordination
  • Assistance with accommodation and tenancy obligations
  • Mentoring and peer support
  • Individual skill development
  • Assistance in decision making, daily planning and budgeting

Employment Assistance

If you are looking for work, More Opportunities will assist you in putting together an employment pathway plan which will help you find the right job match and support you in achieving your professional goals that further benefits your unique needs and lifestyle. We assist participants with the following:

  • Finding ways to overcome employment obstacles
  • Employment mentorships
  • Skill-building support
  • Resume-writing assistance
  • Guidance for job interviews
  • Interview coaching
  • Internship opportunities
  • Connecting job seekers to prospective employers

Personal Domestic Activities

We support individuals to maintain their independence within their home with a wide range of services such as cleaning, meal preparation, ironing and laundry, among others, in order to meet a participant’s needs.

More Opportunities also offers additional support to maintain a person’s ability to live independently while increasing their capacity to undertake personal domestic activities successfully and freely.

Your dedicated Support Specialist from More Opportunities will work with you as you tackle personal domestic activities while building and developing skills to live with greater independence. They can also complete tasks that you are unable to do yourself, or complete the entire processes on your behalf.

We assess and discuss with each participant regarding their individual domestic needs and goals and design a tailor-fit service for them to deliver the most appropriate individual support.

Assisted Travel and Transport

We provide transport services to enable an individual to participate in the community through social, economic and daily activities. This includes, but is not limited to, taxis and other types of transport arrangements. We provide these services when the participant is unable to access alternative forms of transport as a result of their disability.

Our Assisted Travel and Travel service includes personal transport-related aids and equipment or training to use public transport.

This support service may also include the reasonable and necessary costs of taxis or other private transport options for participants who are not able to travel independently.

A participant will generally be able to access funding through the NDIS for assistance if they cannot use public transport due to their disability. The funding takes into account any relevant taxi subsidy scheme and unfortunately, it does not cover transport assistance for carers to for their family members with disabilities for everyday commitments.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is designed to support people with a psychosocial disability. More Opportunities Recovery Coach will support you to live a purposeful and meaningful life by working collaboratively with you, your families, carers, and other services to develop and maintain an individual recovery plan. Recovery Coaching can help you to:

  • Increase your motivation to make changes
  • Make decisions
  • Identify strengths and barriers in achieving your NDIS goals
  • Increase your independence
  • Optimise the use of NDIS resources and services
  • Navigate NDIS support services within the mental health system

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