We assist individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals and support independent living through expert services.

Who We Are

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Our mission

More Opportunities is driven by an ethos of inclusion, equality, and support. We aim to eliminate barriers and discrimination, providing unwavering support for each participant’s unique aspirations. We create a nurturing community where everyone’s potential is celebrated.

Our Vision

More Opportunities envisions a barrier-free world where individuals, regardless of challenges, achieve their goals. We strive to be a catalyst for empowerment, breaking the impact of adversity. Through personalised support, we aspire to transform lives and inspire a global movement of inclusivity and achievement.

Our values

The values of More Opportunities are centred around fostering an inclusive, empowering, and supportive environment for all participants. These values include:

We believe in embracing diversity and ensuring that every individual, regardless of their background, abilities, or circumstances, feels welcomed and valued within our community.

Dedicated to fairness and respect, we aim to offer tailored opportunities and resources to all participants, acknowledging diverse needs and circumstances.

Empowering individuals to confidently control their lives, pursue goals, and unlock potential through personalised support.

Our team is driven by genuine care and empathy. We approach each participant’s journey with understanding and kindness, creating a safe space for them to express themselves and grow.

Uniting participants, families, and their support network for shared success. Open communication and diverse insights drive innovation and holistic outcomes.

We help participants develop resilience in the face of adversity, equipping them with the tools to navigate challenges and emerge stronger.

Inspiring positive change. We encourage big dreams and excellence in participants’ lives and our organisation’s growth.

We hold ourselves accountable for the promises we make and the support we provide. Transparency and integrity are at the core of our interactions.

Core to us is learning and advancement. We consistently innovate services, embody growth, and drive change through reflection and feedback.

Our History

More Opportunities Journey: A Thrilling Ride of Growth and Success!

🚀 2019: Setting the Foundation

  • The Managing Director ignites the spark of innovation, launching a dynamic organisational structure and visionary planning.

🌟 March 2020: NDIS Triumph

  • More Opportunities officially becomes a registered sole trader under the prestigious NDIS, setting the stage for an extraordinary future.

🏠 2020: Tasmanian Territory Conquest

  • A milestone year as More Opportunities secures its inaugural property in picturesque Sandy Bay, Tasmania.
  • The engagement team springs into action, setting the rhythm for future successes.

🌟 December 2020: Igniting the Flame

  • With December dawning, the engagement team kicks off its dynamic operations, igniting a powerful blaze of commitment and dedication.

🏢 January 2021: New Horizons Unveiled

  • The journey soars to new heights as More Opportunities claims its first Tasmanian office on Lampton Avenue.
  • Visionary leaders step up, blazing the trail for exceptional service delivery.

🌟 January 2021: Expanding Horizons

  • Beyond Tasmania’s borders, More Opportunities plants its flag in Western Australia, welcoming an exceptional new team member.

🏢 April 2021: Western Wonderland

  • The West welcomes us with open arms as we inaugurate our first office in Western Australia.

🌟 May 2021: Tasmanian Triumph

  • The excitement crescendos as we spread our wings, unveiling a dazzling drop-in centre in Moonah, Tasmania.
  • Our second office becomes a vibrant hub of innovation and growth.

🏠 July 2021: Western Dreams

  • Dreams turn into reality as we acquire a splendid property in Dianella, Western Australia, marking a momentous achievement.

🌟 October 2021: Northern Trailblazing

  • We blaze a trail to Northern Tasmania (Launceston), securing our foothold with our very own property.

🏢 January 2022: Power of Progress

  • We rise to new heights, transitioning into a full-fledged company, a testament to our unwavering dedication and progress.

⚕️ June 2022: Healing Touch

  • Answering the call, More Opportunities takes a bold step, launching Nursing services in Tasmania, spreading care and compassion.

🌟 July 2022: Unleashing Potential

  • Another badge of honour as we become registered to provide vital MAIB supports, unlocking new avenues of empowerment.

🏠 August 2022: Heartwarming Respite

  • Hearts swell with pride as we provide our first respite through the Department of Child Safety, touching lives in profound ways.

🌟 December 2022: Triumph of Empowerment

  • A monumental achievement as More Opportunities proudly supports 170 Participants across Tasmania & WA, simultaneously providing employment to over 170 heroes.

🚗 March 2023: Embracing Diversity

  • Embracing every challenge, we welcome our first MAIB participant, standing strong in our commitment to inclusivity.

🌟 July 2023: Virtual Reality Wonderland

  • The grand finale unfolds as we unveil a cutting-edge Virtual Reality drop-in centre in Perth, WA, a testament to our unyielding spirit and innovation.

Get ready to embark on More Opportunities’ exhilarating journey of growth, impact, and boundless potential! 🌈🎉

Hands celebrating November 2023: MOVO, Volunteer Program

  •  MoVo – our Volunteer Program aimed at providing NDIS participants and those with disabilities the chance to gain confidence, hands-on experience, and valuable skills.
    MoVo seeks to empower participants by offering volunteer opportunities in our Drop-In Centre, fostering a sense of belonging and self-value to pave the way for future employment.

Plane December 2023: Discover Australia

  •  In December 2023, we introduced the Vacation program, offering NDIS participants a comprehensive travel planning experience—complete with flight and accommodation bookings, activity planning, transportation, and 24/7 support across Australia! 

Woman riding bikePerson bouncing ballJanuary 2024: Together is better

  •  Since January 2024, we’ve proudly offered a specially crafted group activity program at More Opportunities, fostering interpersonal and social skill development while bridging potential isolation. Our multifaceted program includes visual arts, music, technology applications, sports, and recreational activities, gardening, recreational walking, bowling, arts and crafts, book club, fishing, cooking, and more.

Working from homeFebruary 2024: Emergency Accommodation Plan

  •  Since February 2024, More Opportunities has been dedicated to addressing the urgent need for emergency housing, offering temporary shelter and support to those in crisis situations or facing homelessness. Our emergency housing program acts as a lifeline, preventing homelessness by offering a safe refuge and comprehensive assistance, including meals, hygiene facilities, and connections to vital resources. Committed to building a supportive community, we strive to empower individuals with stability and long-term solutions.

“We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.”

Do you or someone you know have a disability and need assistance and support in living independently and being included in the community?

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