Kwinana Adventure Park (Disabled Friendly)

This wonderful space was just an idea in 2012, the vision of the Rotary Club, and it finally opens to the public after much anticipation on Sunday 16th October 2016. The enormous space (11,000 square metres) is broken up into different zones and the whole space is fully enclosed with a perimeter fence and has 3 entry points, all double gated for extra safety. It is also a managed facility with staff on site.

There are 7 zones in total:

1-Sensory Garden

This area has a below ground trampoline, several musical instruments, a sensory garden and a carousel designed for two disabled persons at a time and their carers.

2-Junior Play Area

In this zone, there are swings, water play with pump and creek, a cup spinner, double rocker, bongo drums and xylophone.



3-Splash Pad

The best splash pad, waterfalls, tons of jumping spouts, fountains and two big pelicans where the children can turn a wheel to fill their beaks up with water. There are showers at either end of the splash pad to encourage children to shower before and after going in the water to keep hygiene standards high. There is a shower for wheelchair users too in the toilet block adjacent to the splash pad. This whole area is covered with shade sails.

4-Sand Play
A designated zone with the entire area covered in deep sand, with diggers, play tables, conveyor belt, bucket and pulley, double slide off the play deck, climbing net, logs to climb on and stilts to negotiate, plus water play with hand pumps, dams, weirs and a creek.

5-Action Play
A massive birds nest swing is here along with a row of swings (including a swing children can be strapped into), a double flying fox seat in which children can be strapped into and a big climbing net.

6-Tree Maze
It is set within the trees so has a good amount of shade and the walkways are wide enough for wheelchairs. There is an assortment of slides, a super cool net tunnel, a clatter bridge, rocker/balance bridge, climbing walls, cubby houses, musical instruments dotted about, grass walls to touch, windows to look through, balance logs and rocks. There are even yellow buttons on some of the walkways which sound bells when trod on them! Then you look underneath the walkways and find a thousand things going on underneath too! There are monkey bars, stepping pommels, seats, rope mazes to name just a few.

The whole area is surrounded with a wide, paved ‘ring road’ so scooters etc and wheelchairs can use the path. There are handrails along some of the pathways too.

There are seats and tables dotted around along with drink fountains and BBQ stations. There are several rubbish bins throughout, all double bins so you can separate recycling from your ‘normal’ rubbish.

The toilets are located in a block by the splash pad and include a parent room and disabled cubical with shower.

7-The Patio
The Patio. You can hire The Patio for parties and occasions. It is shaded, has lighting, 2 big long tables with bench seating and then another table which you could use as a servery for your party food. There are two wheelchair friendly BBQs too, plus a kitchen behind a lockable roller door! The kitchen has a kettle, sink, fridge freezer, microwave and workbench space! The key is made available when you have hired The Patio and you can unlock this wonderful kitchen which will keep your cold food cold, your frozen food frozen, make copious cups of tea/coffee and warm food up in the microwave making sure your party will be just perfect!

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