Best Apps for Disability

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Best Apps for Disability

As technology advances, there are many ways to improve the day-to-day lives of people with various disabilities, all from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. Check out the list below and find out which one is useful for you!

Be My Eyes connects volunteers with blind or visually impaired people with navigating everyday tasks. Examples include identifying the colour of a wall, or the expiration date printed on a drink. The app uses video call technology, in which the volunteer can speak to the user and offer support for completing these tasks.

Rogervoice is an extremely useful app, which enables people with hearing impairments to have real-time conversations on the phone. This is done by converting speech to subtitles. Rogervoice can help with day-to-day tasks, such as booking a table at a restaurant, making an appointment at the bank, or keeping in touch with friends and family with ease.

HelpTalk is a great app for those with aphasia, or those with muteness, autism, or other disabilities which impact on speaking. The app assists people who can’t communicate orally or through writing to express their basic needs. It does this by creating sets of actions which represent common communication scenarios. Examples of actions include doctors appointments, studying, or travelling.

Sunny is an app to be used by women with a disability. It provides support for those who have experienced violence and abuse. It has been co-designed by women with a disability, helping it provide the best support for those who use the app. If you are a woman with a disability who needs to report violence or abuse, Sunny can help with telling your story, understanding what happened, finding people who can help, and knowing your rights.

Choiceworks is a great tool for teaching children with autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disorders how to make decisions. It teaches children about routines, making them much easier to complete. The application uses a visual system and has a focus on essential daily tasks, such as attending appointments, making choices, and understanding emotions. Choiceworks also uses a child-friendly calendar, encourages independence, and enforces positive behaviour.

Otsimo is a certified and awarded educational game developed for individuals diagnosed with learning disorders, attention deficit, autism, down syndrome, asperger, and other developmental disorders. Otsimo focuses on education about core skills, including the alphabet, numbers, and reading emotions. This is done through fun and user-friendly games.

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