Tasmania is known for towering trees. In fact, the second tallest tree in the world lives here. The Tahune Airwalk built amongst the treetops in the Huon River Valley, the Tahune Airwalk takes you 50 metres above the forest floor. From here, you’ll be able to see across the verdant valleys that earn Tasmania the nickname ‘Apple Island.’ Take And the journey concludes at a cantilever sitting high above the intersection of the Huon and Picton Rivers to give you breathtaking views.
Getting There
You’ll have to get to the southerly town of Geeveston to take the sealed Arve Road to Tahune Adventures. The drive takes about an hour and a half from Hobart and spans about 88 kilometres. Launceston sits about 288 kilometres to the north and that drive will take you nearly four hours. The drive from Devonport, Tasmania’s north coast port town, will take you four hours and 33 minutes and that trip spans more than 370 kilometres.
Airwalk Access
There is disabled access to the top of the walk if steps are impossible for you. Simply let an employee know that you require disabled access at the ticket office when you arrive.
The entire 619-metre trip takes about 50 minutes return. Many take a little longer to complete the trip because of the abundant photo opportunities along the way. But the entire Airwalk should not take you more than a morning or an afternoon to complete. This will allow you to descend back down to Geeveston to enjoy the quirky southerly town before heading back through the apple orchards of the Huon River Valley.
Eagle Hang Gliding
The Airwalk isn’t the only attraction at Tahune Adventures. Thrill-seekers can choose to take a five-minute cable hang gliding course over the Huon River. Strapped in safely, you whisk 250 metres across the raging Huon River while hanging 50 metres in the air. The hang glider is securely attached to a cable so there’s no chance of veering off course.
Hang gliding is totally optional but is an exhilarating way to experience the towering trees of the Huon River Valley. If you choose to hang glide, be sure to wear closed toed shoes and you must weigh between 25 and 100 kilograms. The hang gliding ride is also closed during inclement weather so plan your trip accordingly.

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