Support Connection

You'll be able to explore your options on the NDIS. We'll help you tailor your plan to take part in activities that align with your goals.

Support Coordination

We'll teach you how to build your plan. You'll get the skills you need to both understand your supports, and have confidence in changing them. You'll work one on one with a support coordinator to get out into your community and live independently.

Build Confidence & Feel In
Control With More Opportunities

Learn How To Manage Your Plan

You'll get the skills you need to manage your plan on your own.

See How To Optimise Your Budget

We'll show you how to optimise your plan to spread it across your plan.

We'll Review Your Plan With You

We'll regularly review your supports with you to make sure it's what you want.

Make Changes When You Want To

If you ever feel you want to change your plan, or make an upgrade, we'll help you.

We'll Resolve Issues That You Have

If you have any conflicts with a provider or services, we'll help you resolve it.

Ready To Get Support
With Us?

You must have loads of questions. We're here to answer them. We've compiled a free information pack that'll give you the information you need to go with More Opportunities.

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