Mona is a museum in Hobart, Tasmania, created by David Walsh to help him (in his words) ‘bang above [his] weight’. Anything we say to describe Mona will date quickly, given we are constantly changing our mind about what Mona is.
David Walsh built the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) to house his collection of ancient, modern and contemporary art. Located on the banks of the Derwent a short ferry trip from Hobart, Mona is Australia’s largest private museum with three levels of underground galleries, which visitors explore with custom-built, handheld technology, called the O, that tells them about the artworks on display.
Mona is also home to two wineries and a brewery, several bars and restaurants, luxury accommodation pavilions, a library, a cemetery and a tennis court.
Most of Mona is accessible, but unfortunately the Pausiris chamber, certain artworks (Unseen Seen, The Divine Comedy) and parts of the Round House are not. If you have difficulties walking long distances, we recommend bringing a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Or if you would like to borrow a wheelchair from Mona, see staff at the museum entrance. Please note that wheelchairs cannot be reserved in advance.
If arriving by ferry, you’ll disembark at the bottom of the 99 stairs that lead up to the museum entrance. The jetty isn’t wheelchair or pram accessible at the moment—we apologise for this and assure you we’re working on it; we’ve begun work on an alternate museum entrance, in consultation with Morris Goding Access Consulting. We also have a wheelchair-accessible bus.
If driving to Mona, you will find accessible parking at the top of the driveway; turn left and look for the signs.
Accessible toilets and baby change facilities can be found throughout Mona. Ask staff for directions when you get here, or check your O device.
If you have specific requirements, or would like to discuss your transport options, please contact Ticket Support on +61 (3) 6277 9978 before visiting.

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